Calcium Scan, is Preventative & Diagnostic
For cardiovascular disease. Using the latest 64-Slice VCT technology, here at Calcium Scan, you can rest assure we will deliver optimum results on a variety of CT services.
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Learn the benefits from knowing how to treat current ailments or prevent future cardiovascular disease. Let Calcium Scan show you how we can serve you to leading a longer and more healthy lifestyle.
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Diagnostic and Preventive
Ranging from Diagnostic Imaging for Head – Neck – Chest – Abdomen/Pelvis – Upper Lower Extremity – CT Angiography – Cardiac – Peripheral Vascular to Preventative Imaging for Full Body – Coronary Calcium Score – Lung – Virtual Colonoscopy.
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Excellence in
With an experienced staff to serve you, we hope to make your experience as gratifying as possible, to ensure your comfort and well being.
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Calcium Scan is a imaging wellness center, for your cardiovascular health.Learn more and find out about how Calcium Scan can help you in diagnostic and preventative CT services.

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Calcium Scan Services

Here at Calcium Scan Imaging Wellness, it is our mission to diagnose and prevent cardiovascular diseases... read more

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